It's been almost a year since the last update but Figure Drawing Garden is coming together slow and steady. Over the past year most of the work I've been able to do has just been optimizing and texturing scanned sculptures. However I have made two significant leaps forward. One issue that I've had with the game for some time was with the drawing tool controls.

Pressing Q and E to cycle through drawing modes is great but when there's hundreds of statues in the garden and each one changes mode at the same time, it causes a ton of lag. The other problem with the drawing tools was that dynamic lighting mode was entirely separate. Previously Q and E cycled the drawing modes while the 'Dynamic Lighting' mode was enabled by selecting the sculpture with left-click. 

With the new system artists left-click a statue and an outline appears to signal it's currently selected. Once selected, artists can use the Q and E keys to cycle back and foward through  drawing modes for only the sculpture currently selected. 'Dynamic Lighting' mode is now included with the rest of the drawing tools.

There's still a few things to be solved but the game definitely feels much more solid after this change.
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