This tool is made possible thanks to the individuals and institutions who provided scans of sculptures, music and sounds for use in the public domain.
R0001 - David
by Michelangelo
Courtesy of Scan the World

R0002 - The Slave Girl
by Emil Jens Baumann Adolf Jerichau
Courtesy of SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst

R0003 - Spartacus
by Denis Foyatier
Courtesy of Benjamin Bardou

R0004 - Statue in Garden of Camellias-Puteaux
by Unknown
Courtesy of HoangHiepVu

R0005 - James Garfield
by John Quincy Adams Ward
Courtesy of  The Smithsonian

L0001 - The Faun
by Johan Tobias Sergel
Courtesy of  The National Gallery of Sweden

L0002 - In Sorrow
by Johan Teodor Lundberg
Courtesy of  The National Gallery of Sweden
L0003 - Naiad
by Antonio Canova
Courtesy of  Zoilo

L0004 - Dying Gaul
by Unknown
Courtesy oStatens Museum for Kunst

L0005 - Sleeping Hermaphroditos
by Unknown
Courtesy oLZCreation
Composed by Frédéric Chopin (1832)
Courtesy of Musopen

Vogel, North, Resonanz, Petting the Keys, Some Sand, Medicine, Cotton, Thyme, Sleepy Head, Rest, Breakfast, Cartwheels, Bitter Milk
Courtesy of  IBI (2012 - 2021)

Busy Coffee Shop
by kfosse13 (2018)

Rain on Window
by InspectorJ (2016)

by InspectorJ (2017)

Sing Bowl
by Sandhwani (2019)

Ten Thousand Hours
by ZHRØ (2021)
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