Apologies for the silence. I've been slowly working away at Figure Drawing Garden but most of the work has just been preparing sculptures. However, this week I tested a build of the game on my laptop and got just 1-3fps! It was about time I really focused on optimizing the games performance. 
original high poly non optimized trees
​​​​​​​I managed to double the FPS by simply replacing the reflective water shader I had been using with a simple alternative and by swapping out the high poly placeholder trees from above with simpler trees that use a LOD system. The new trees also have an animated leaf texture which cast shadows and breath more life into the garden. 

I also tweaked the games quality settings, reduced the total amount of materials used and removed all unnecessary gameobjects and colliders. The next steps for optimization will be creating a functional settings menu to allow users to further reduce or enhance the settings themselves. This will be done as a last step before release.
figure drawing garden procedural generation screenshot
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