Welcome back to the Figure Drawing Garden devlog. Today we're going to take a look at the  texturing process for sculptures. Figure Drawing Garden uses scans of existing sculptures from around the world. Sometimes these scans come with a scanned texture. However often the highest quality geometry scans contain only geometry and no accompanying texture. In these cases we need to create a texture from scratch. 

Previously this was done using Substance Painter. However, Adobe recently bought Allegorithmic - the company that create Substance, and I already give Adobe enough of my money for Creative Cloud without another additional monthly fee for Substance. So, today I decided to learn how to texture sculptures in Blender moving foward. Thankfully there's always a great tutorial for anything you want to do in Blender and to learn how to create a marble texture for this sculpture I followed Blender Guy's great Creating Procedural Marble on Classic Sculpture tutorial.
We begin by bringing some photographs of the real life sculpture into our project file as reference. I match the marble hue and add a simple musgrave texture with a bump node to create some roughness to the worn areas of marble.
Finally I attempt to create a cracked effect using a displaced matte white.
Looking back at the original Figure Drawing Garden prototype it's very satisfying to see the difference in sculpture quality and optimization.
Screenshot in Blenders viewport of the finished sculpture with a marble texture
The final result 

It's nice to look back on the very first sculptures from the initial Figure Drawing Garden concept and see how much better the geometry and texture quality are.
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