Monument tile with spawned grass and trees.
Apologies for the six month break in updates! I was busy with some other projects but I have been working away slowly on Sculpture Garden - in fact this is the largest update so far! The map is now procedurally generated. This was made possible using a tile generation system combined with object spawners. There are a dozen different tile types and each tile has several variations. 

In the monument tile above a monument stand is selected from three different style of stands. It spawns at a random ninety degree angle. The stand then spawns a random monument sculpture on top from an array of monument sculptures. Grass and trees are then spawned on the grass next next to it while avoiding spawning on top of the monument itself.
Twenty seconds in, the devlog video above shows simple object spawning choosing different colour capsules each time the game plays. This is how the map is generated. 

Below is a 7x7 tile generation. The tiles are missing sculptures and trees as those are spawned at runtime. In this inspector screenshot there's 7 different tiles but no variation per tile yet. When designing future tiles I'll need to work on adding raised platforms and depressions to add more interest. I'll also try to design tiles that are less squared to reduce the feeling it's all tiles.
Unity 3D tile generation in viewport
The tile below has spawned leafy trees and a small fountain on a circular platform with a random statue facing a random direction. For the moment, I've also set the weather to spawn per tile. This tile has rainy weather.  I'm not sure yet about implementing weather this way. It might work better as a global variable than per tile, especially if I'm trying to reduce the 'tile' generation feeling.
Tile generation with fountain sculpture at center.
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